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Mrs Conway is our lead for attendance at Laughton J&I. She works closely with the Senior Leadership Team, in particular Mrs Gill, and the Education Welfare Officer to monitor attendance in school and implement strategies to support families who are struggling with attendance issues. Please see our attendance policy on the policy page. The Education Welfare Officer meets with Senior Leaders regularly to discuss Local Authority guidance and to further suggest ways the whole school can benefit with regards attendance.

Each week the class with the highest attendance is rewarded with a 'Class of the Week' certificate. This is awarded in the Friday Special Mention assembly. We also have an 'Attendance Star' for an individual with outstanding or improved attendance,  i.e. a child who has come to school despite feeling a little under the weather.

Each class has their attendance displayed on their classroom door to enable pupils to compare their attendance with other classes.

Our new attendance board in the entrance hall gives you some interesting attendance facts as well as displaying attendance charts and the Attendance Star.

Our attendance Governor is Mr James Horsfield. He meets and emails regularly with Mrs Conway to ensure school are doing all they can to support families in getting children to school regularly and on time!

For more information about attendance at Laughton please see our attendance board in the entrance hall.

100% attendance

The following children have still got 100% attendance so far this year, even with our horrendous sickness bug in the Spring term!

Let's see which children will still have 100% by the end of term. Well done!

Child Year
Kohen FS2
Jenson FS2
Lucy FS2
Kieran 1
Corey 1
Neo 1
Izabelle 1
Charlie 2
Allie 2
Bridie 2
Charlotte 3
Chloe W 3
Chloe Y 3
Evan 3
Ellie 4
Bailey 4
Lily 4
Jacob 5
Chelsea 5
Katie W 5
Cairo 5