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Pupil Voice

At Laughton J&I we strongly believe that the pupils should not just be 'taught' but should be active participants in their own learning. As such we give them many opportunities to be involved in the day to day running of the school; School Council, Power Cadets, House Captains, Sports Leaders to name a few. Some of these are relatively new to the school but so far are a great success.

However, we expect all children to hold and express their opinion about how they are educated and the progress they are making. Therefore all children will frequently self and peer assess learning, complete half termly self evaluations about their progress and take part in regular pupil interviews. Every Thursday the children take part in 'Learning Champions' where they split into mixed age groups and discuss their learning, targets and progress with a member of staff. We also ask them to complete an annual pupil questionnaire so we know, as a school, what worries our children, how they feel about their learning and what issues they feel we haven't tackled as well as we could have. We use this to help inform the school development plan.

These are some of the children's comments from Learning Champions (29/6/17);

  • We have been writing a recount about our residential visit to Castleton (Year 3)
  • We have been doing nets, challenges and puzzles in maths (Year 5)
  • We have written about Macbeth and how he felt (Year 5)
  • We have been solving riddles about creatures (Year 1)
  • In art we have been doing a painting of Glamis Castle in watercolours (Year 6)


Comment from Y6 Easter booster run by Mrs Gill:

 "It was brilliant and I can't wait to go again tomorrow!"

These are some of the children's comments from Learning Champions (2/3/17);

  • We have been creating a newspaper report on the computer based on a missing boa constrictor (Year 5)
  • Finding fractions of a number (Year 3)
  • Writing character descriptions of the Snow Queen from Narnia, illustrating them and making fake Turkish delight (Year 6)
  • Creating a comic strip of Nigel Nit Boy from The World's Worst Children (Year 3)
  • Changing informal to formal language from The Philosopher's Stone linked to our Harry Potter novel for World Book Day (Year 5)

Mrs Bailey's group were very enthusiastic about the school and said;

  • You learn new things
  • You get attention
  • We have equipment to play with at playtime
  • There's always something fun

These are some of the children's comments from Learning Champions (9/2/17);

  • We have been writing our own plan for writing an explanation text about the digestive system. (Year 3)
  • Making a digestive system from clay. (Year 3)
  • Planning a text about the White Witch. (Year 6)
  • Drawing a digestive system on a t-shirt (linking out topic to art). (Year 4)
  • Watching a shark film and thinking about what might be happening because there weren't any words. (Year 1)

These are some of the children's comments from Learning Champions (12/1/17);

  • In Literacy we have been writing a persuasive letter to Lucy from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. (Year 5)
  • We have received two parcels, in the larger one there was a penguin and a letter, in the other there was a book called 365 Penguins. We have been doing everything related to penguins; writing a report about a day in the life of a penguin and relating penguins to our maths work. (Year 6)
  • Yesterday we did rounding to the nearest 10. (Year 4)
  • In Maths we have been working out problems involving penguins. (Year 6)
  • An Alien crashed and got lost in a big city. (Year 1)
  • Making up monsters. (Year 2)
  • Looking at materials and asking How and Why questions. (Year 2)
  • Learning about singular and plural (one and more than one). (Year 3)

Comments about how useful Learning Champions is include:

Josh: "I like sharing our learning with others".

Harrison: "Get to show your learning in your book".

Kasey: "Share the best bits of the week".

Jack: "Compare our learning with Class 7 as we are doing the same topic".