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School Council

Our School Council representatives are voted in by their classes (Reception-Y6). They have responsibilities in school including; presenting ideas and requesting funding from the governing body and friends of the school, attending school to school debates, working on maintaining the school grounds and working to fundraise for charities supported by the school. Mrs Brammer helps to run school council. They meet on at least a monthly basis.

Last year (2016) the school council were involved in interviewing candidates for the post of Headteacher. They have a key role in school in analysing what we are doing and discussing how it can be imrpoved. For example in July 2017 the children went to look at a behaviour strategy in another school and used this as a basis to create our own.

You can see more about them and what they do on our display board in school.

School councillors 2017-18

FS2: Austin P and Ava S 

Year 1: Kohen H and Layla H

Year 2: Harlo R and Sophia H

Year 3: Charlie B and Scarlett A

Year 4: Chloe Y and Evan S

Year 5: William B and Tillie W

Year 6: Ella S and Riley P


School councillors 2016-17

Reception: Sophie H, Tommy C

Year 1: Beatrice Y, Tom W

Year 2: Maddison H, Alex B

Year 3: Chloe Y, Archie Y

Year 4: Eva B, Shayla

Year 5: Amy J, Katie W

Year 6: Grace D, Abi F

Current projects for the School Council:

  • Doing an assembly to share the Laughton Laws with the whole school (2nd November 2016)
  • Meeting with the school's catering company to try meals and feedback on what kind of food the children prefer to eat at lunchtime (8th November 2016)
  • Ideas for houses- 4 houses with 4 colours – deciding on names, what  they stand for, how should they be voted for, what are the characteristics of learning in each house, how can they collect house points, what intra house events do we want to run? (working with Mrs Gill on 8th November 2016)
  • Looking at the school's vision and creating a new strapline (8th November 2016)
  • Working with the Senior Leadership Team to develop and monitor the school's Behaviour policy and privileges that can be earned
  • Presenting ideas to the Senior Leadership Team for the design of the school extension
  • Looking at and refining the school’s vision
  • Setting and agreeing 4 key school rules; display for the hall, piece to be written for the newsletter and reporting back to SLT
  • Writing information piece for the website about the role of the school council at Laughton

Future projects for the School Council:

  • Working with the Senior Leadership team to agree fundraising priorities for national and local charity events
  • Conducting pupil interviews alongside SLT – marking and feedback– feeding back to SLT
  • Conducting learning walk alongside SLT –use of learning walls for children - feeding back to SLT