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Year 1

Our Year 1 staff are our lovely teacher Mrs Rogers and our fantastic TA, Miss Lowery. The first term in Year 1 is all about teamwork, developing our independence and practising some of our key skills; phonics, cursive writing and place value. We have read the story of The Tunnel, Into the Woods and are now reading The Enchanted Forest. We write a weekly diary to share what we have been doing during the week and with our families at the weekend. 

The learning environment in Year 1 is made up of both resource and interactive displays which the children are encouraged to make use of throughout all areas of learning. These areas include a fun, topic themed reading area, an outdoor learning space, a role play area as well as interactive displays that allow children to consolidate their learning.

Our children are a confident group of children who want to do well and like to be involved in all areas of school life. Their enthusiasm is transferred throughout all areas of learning including music and PE, which the children thoroughly enjoy.

Year 1 Summer 1 2018

Soft fur, sharp claws and twitching whiskers... What’s your favourite animal? One that meows? One that barks? Or maybe one that scurries or slithers?
From pets at home to animals in the zoo, let’s find out what animals like to eat and where they like to sleep.
After all that work, curl up and take a nap... a cat nap!

This half term our topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers. As part of this the children will be going on a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park where we will be taking part in guided workshops as well as visiting all of the animals. We are so excited.

We will be learning about all kinds of animals, their habitats and where in the world their natural environment is. The children will learn how to look after different animals and find out what they need to grow.

This half term we will be looking at the text ‘Where the wild things are’ and also studying the author Maurice Sendak. The children will spend time on the island of the wild things, taking part in the wild rumpus. Don’t forget to ask them about their adventures.

Our focus this half term will be sentence structure, making sure that we are using full stops, capital letters, finger spaces and also our phonic skills. In preparation for the phonics screening test the children will be continuing to take part in a daily phonics session, spotting digraphs and reading words around them. You could help with this by encouraging them to read the sounds and signs that you find when you are out and about together.

We will also be learning multiplication skills this half term. The children will start this as repeated addition, moving onto creating and using arrays and then using the multiplication sign within number sentences.




Outdoor Learning with Year 1 and 2 - Thanks to the Moorlands Discovery Centre

Learning in Year 1