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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. Our teacher is Mr Parker. The teaching Assistant who works with us every morning is Mrs Baker.

Over the first half term our topic was Predator. Throughout the topic we learnt all about creepy crocs and amazing alligators, the deadly assassin bug and the voracious Venus flytrap. We were inspired to write an informative leaflet all about our favourite predator. In science we sorted animals into different categories, food chains and habitats. We visited The Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Monday 2nd October where we learnt more about predators and prey. In English we studied the books Zoo and Gorilla by Anthony Browne as part of our Novel Study looking at themes such as animal captivity, relationships and imagery.

In the second Autumn term we began our new Novel Study, The BFG. We studied poetry, wrote stories and in our science work we investigated sound. In our topic work we learnt about the Egyptians.

During the Spring term we are immersing ourselves in our new topic ‘Raiders and Traders’. We will be reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. We will be thinking about developing our writing by using adjectives/interesting vocabulary from the book to describe characters, retell parts of the story and improve our writing. We’re going to write instructions on how to trap and train dragons. We are going to create a dragon and write a non-chronological report about it. We will also be comparing the book and film. We will be identifying nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, adverbial sentences and learing how to write speech. In Maths, we will be using measuring skills to make Viking longboats. We will explore the past using artefacts and the Internet. 

Over the next half term (Summer 1) the topic for Year 3 is Africa. Throughout the topic the children will learn all about the varied African landscape and the life it contains. We will be studying the different African predators including the proud lion, the laughing hyena and the speedy cheetah. We will also be studying the novel ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo which explores the friendship between a young boy and a lion cub. In Science we will be looking at the Water Cycle.

Over the next half term (Sumemr 2) the topic for Year 3 is Castleton. Throughout the topic the children will learn all about the history and geography of Castleton and the surrounding peak district. Our class residential will be to Castleton on Wednesday 13th- Friday 15th June where we will be studying the landscape and terrain of the area. We will also be visiting the Blue John Caverns to see where the precious stone Blue John is mined.  As part of our Novel Study this half term we will be reading ‘Blue John’ by Berlie Doherty which is about a boy who is forced to live in the caves and forbidden to go out into the light


Homework ideas

  • Visit the local library to find non-fiction books about The Peak District. What is a National Park? Why are they important? What other National Parks exist in Britain.
  • Make a mini fact file or short presentation about Castleton and the surrounding area and bring it into school to share with the class.
  • Use the web to research the landscape of Castleton and the people who live there. Write a fact file about Castleton and the surrounding area.
  • Write an acrostic poem using the word Castleton based on your internet research.
  • Write a short story from the perspective of a boy/girl living in the Blue John Cavern.
  • Draw a map of the Peak District and include key locations and landmarks.
  • Create your own board game based on the Blue John caverns. Could it be an adventure game?
  • Using any media (art, ICT, oral) create something to present to the class about National Parks in the UK. It could be a leaflet, poster or presentation for example about what National Parks are and why they are important.
  • Create a travel guide to walking up Man Tor. Where is it? What are its statistics? What dangers are there? What would you need?

In Year 3 Mr Smith will teach us P.E on Mondays and Thursdays.

On a Friday we have our music lesson taught by Mrs Thompson-Smith.

Learning in Year 3