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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. This year our teacher is Miss Feetham. The Teaching Assistant who will be working with us every day is Mrs Bell.

During the first term, our topic was Predator. Throughout the topic we learnt all about creepy crocs and amazing alligators, the deadly assassin bug and the voracious Venus flytrap. We were inspired to write an informative leaflet all about our favourite predator. In science we sorted animals into different categories, food chains and habitats. We went on a visit to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Monday 2nd October, where we learnt about predators and prey. We also developed our sketching skills in art, our word processing skills in computing and our locational knowledge in Geography. In English we studeied the books Zoo and Gorilla by Anthony Browne as part of our Novel Study, looking at themes such as animal captivity, relationships and imagery. In Maths focused on Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. 

In the Spring term Y4 are continuing with their novel study based on the Nowhere Emporium. They will be learning how to write detailed and persuasive letters, create a new Wonder for Mr Silver's  book and write a new chapter. In maths, we will be learning our multiplication tables and division facts up to 12x12, and how to add and subtract fractions. Our topic is 'Invaders and Settlers:The Vikings' and we will be creating shields and long boats, studying where the Vikings settled and their way of life. As part of our PSHE learning and our Linking project about diversity with Whiston Worrygoose Primary School, we will be visiting the Anne Frank exhibition and the New York Stadium in Rotherham on 6th March.

In the Summer term we will be studying the novel 'Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo.

In Summer Two, the topic for Year 4 will be #ChangeTheWorld. This is part of a digital literacy project with Sheffield Hallam University, where we will be using technology to help raise awareness of an important project. Year 4 have chosen to campaign about energy use.  Throughout the topic, the children will be learning about successful campaigns to reduce the use of energy and save costs, using ICT to research the key issues and present their campaign in a variety of ways, such as, creating posters, powerpoints, movies and/or songs.  We will be focusing on persuasive writing and launching the ‘@Global School Parliament’ on Twitter.  

In science, we will be learning about electricity, including how to construct simple electrical circuits, and recognising common conductors and insulators. In maths, our focus will be statistics so that we can gather data about energy use, choose how to present it for a range of purposes and interpret different types of data. 

Our class residential will be to Castleton on Monday 11th - Wednesday 13th June where we will be studying the landscape and terrain of the area. We will also be visiting the Blue John Caverns to see where the precious stone Blue John is mined.  

The children have chosen ‘The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club’ by Alex Bell to be their novel study this half term. As part of this, we will be writing descriptions and a short story for the children in Year 5.

In Year 4 Mr Smith will teach us P.E on Monday and a Friday.

On a Thursday, we have our music lesson with Mrs Thompson-Smith. This year we are learning how to play the violin. We will be performing in concerts during the year as we make progress in our skills.

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