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Year 6

Year 6 are the oldest children in our school. Working with Mr Chambers (teacher) and Mrs Baker (TA), we are an eager and entusiastic bunch and always keen to face new challenges! Mrs Gill likes it when we go and share our learning with her, she even comes to teach us every now and then! We work hard and try our best each and every day. We are looking forward to attending the school's Robin Wood residential in January. This year we will also visit Kelham Island and Crucial Crew, camp on the school field and partipate in Cycling Proficiency training (Bikeability) and (hopefully) land starring roles in the school's Christmas production. Year 6 is all about striving to do our best, challenging ourselves and perseverance.

This is a paragraph written by Jack about the novel, After Tomorrow (Gillian Cross), which the children studied in the Autumn term. The children wrote a diary from the viewpoint of the main character.

Firstly Bob could really help us with this. I mean he has already offered dad a job in the past and just think about how he could help us in the future. We are most likely to get raided again if we stay in Britain and the chances of death are high especially with the raiders destroying the crops. Hopefully France will be safer and give us more chance of survival. We are not ok here, plus in France there is law and order.

The children are currently learning about the Tudors with the topic 'Off with her head'. Their novel study for the Summer term is The Tragedy of Macbeth. The children started this novel by taking part in an epic 'battle' with Year 5 on the school playground in which Scotland were victorious.



Learning in Year 6

Engaged in learning about Macbeth.

Learning every day!

Some of our art work...

The staff in Year 6