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There is always lots going on at Laughton J&I - for the most up to date news please see our twitter feed.

Silver Modeshift Award

We are delighted to have heard that we have been awarded our Silver Modeshift Award. This recognises all the work the school and our Be Active Team have undertaken to promote Safe and Active Travel. Well done to the whole school community. Mrs Gill and our Be Active Team collected our award on 5th July at Sheffield Town Hall.


Heard about Snapchat's new feature ? Here are some tips to help keep your child safe:

School Council

The school has voted! In a true deomcracy, the children independently voted for their peers and the school council for this year have been elected. Thanks to Mrs Brammer for organising and Y5 volunteers for supporting. See the pupil voice page for full details of our school council members. School council are now running a 'snack shack' every playtime to sell healthy snacks in school.

Ultlimate Upstanders

Our playground buddies, the 'Ultimate Upstanders' have been selected by the teaching staff. They have received training from Ann Foxley-Johnson. Well done Atiph, Etienne, Emily, Tillie, Olivia and Finlay. We have ordered their t-shirts and then we will be training up some Y4s to help!

House Captains

A huge congratulations to our House Captains in Y5. The school has voted and our House Captains are: Lily, Tillie, Eva and Shayla. Well done girls!

Open Days

If you were unable to attend any of the open days held earlier this year, but would still like to visit, please speak to the office and they will arrange a suitable date and time.

Playground Markings

The playground markings are now on the KS2 and Foundation playgrounds. KS1 will have additional equipment and outdoor learning areas now that the new fence has been erected. We are looking forward to taking our learning outside as often as possible. We took part in the National Outdoor Learning day on 12th October.

Food Education Trust

We have received a £200 grant from the Food Education Trust which we used to buy equipment for our new after school cooking club. Very exciting!

Bluebell Wood

Some of our fabulous children have been involved in a fundraising drive for the Bluebell Wood Charity located in South Anston. The three girls walked (with their parents) up Mount Snowdon on Sunday 27th August. Everyone at school is incredibly proud of their resilience. They have been strong ambassadors for the school. Well done!

Bags of Help - Tescos

Just before the summer holidays Mrs Gill applied for the Tesco Bags of Help scheme to try and raise money to kit out our library, with the aim of eventually being able to run the library as a community library. The voting for our school ran throughout September and October at Tesco stores in Dinnington and Maltby- we really appreciate every vote as this money will make a huge difference to our school.

We have just had confirmation that we came first and will receive a grant for £4000!

We have applied for another grant for outdoor equipment for Year 1. This was granted in May and we have received a further £2000. We are really grateful to everyone who voted.

Food Bank

We have now started our weekly food bank. Although this is mainly bread and bakery goods, it is proving to be very successful. We thank Tescos and Foodshare for allowing us to help distrubute unsold food.


We have added lots of information regarding online safety and how parents and carers can keep children safer online to our Safety & Safeguarding page.



Bag Packing at Tescos for our school crossing patrol

Bluebell Wood Fundraisers

Our assembly on 17.10.17 celebrated the hard work and perseverance of Charlotte, Chloe and Katie and their families (who walked up Mount Snowdon on 27th August 2017). Anna from Bluebell Wood Hospice came into school, to talk to us about the work of the staff at Bluebell Wood and how they will support poorly children with the money our superstars have raised. Well done girls!


Ambassadors of Hope

Laughton All Saints Church Service

Thank you to all parents/carers/grandparents who attended the Carol and Nativity service on Wednesday 20th December. It was a well attended service and the children were a real credit to the school. We hope you enjoyed the service as much as we did! Thankyou to Gill Ramsey, Mrs Rugg and Mrs Marriott for helping to prepare the church, costumes and readings and playing the piano.

Learning beyond school

Lovely email from a parent - "Just wanted to say thank you for advertising the STEM discovery centre event on the website. We went and had a wonderful time!" 

Wonderful Work

Fabulous writing by Imogen in Y5:

How to train your dragon

"Ouch" screamed Hiccup as he got up and tried to spit out all of the snow. Snottrout thought it was very funny as he laughed Fishlegs helped Hiccup brush the snow off of him. Hiccup was trembling with fear that the boys would say "why is Hiccup the son of the chief, he is useless" whispered Dogsbreath the Duhbrain.

They were on a black beach on the hole bleak island and were about to climb Dragon cliff. As they were climbing Fishlegs said something to Snottrout but Snottrout told Dogbreath the Duhbrain, "shove his head in the snow".

Has your head ever been shoved in the snow? I bet it hasn't.

These boys were rushing up the mountain. Fishlegs and Hiccup trying to keep up with boys shouted "death or glory". Fishlegs and Hiccup quickly and scared whispered "death".

As they approached the cave most of the boys were excited. Quietly they went in the cave, early in the morning. The dark, scary, narrow and rough cave. They entered it. At first they could stand up but then they were army crawling across the bumpy rocks.

Quickly Hiccup grabbed the biggest dragon that would fit in this basket. By now Fishlegs was red, blotchy and itchy.

"Fishlegs don't sneeze", whispered Snotface Snouttrout.


A Science adaptation rap by James in Y6:

"Adapt - ta Adaptation Changes in the body to fit a location (x2)

My body is insulated to keep in heat,

So let's get on with this really sick beat,

Under my fur lays thick blubber, the cold better beware 'cause they work as a pair.

I can smell prey upto 20 miles away, and if they don't see me comin' they better start to pray,

I like to swim 50 miles, so I can get food, piles and piles.

Adapt - ta Adaptation Changes in the body to fit a location (x2)

Waterproof fur 'cause I'm technically marine,

almost like a living submarine,

Camouflaged and hollow fur to keep me hidden

No food for me is extremely forbidden.

Suction-cup like feet to keep me gripped

Beware I'll raid you like a pirate ship

I can swim with quality, thanks to my feet, so buckle up fishes, take a seat.

I'm a black bear, with transparent hair, light from the sun, to keep me white hun.

No burns for me, don't need no cream,'cause I can protect me from the sun's beams.

Adapt - ta Adaptation Changes in the body to fit a location (x4).


A fabulous description of the White Witch from Narnia by Tamsin in Y6:

"A nightmare dressed like a daydream, the White Witch appears to be very pleasant. Her glistening crown shimmers in the winter sun; a long flowing dress trails at her feet and she holds a silver wand in one hand. However, she is extremely manipulative and deceiving and the pleasant Arctic hare you once knew turns into a conniving mix of a wolf and a fox. Cunning and sneaky yet vicious and fierce; you only realise that the entirety of Narnia is her slave when it's too late."

Another description by Jack in Y6:

"Without exception all of Narnia's many forests are wide and varied, viciously diseased with her undiscovered spies according to Mr Tumnus (even some trees are her spies). Depraved, the White Witch scavenges in and out of the infested tress in a most secretive and cunning way."

And one more from William in Y6:

" She who rules all, the White Witch is monstrously deceiving: all of her Kingdom (Narnia) grieves over the fact that she is the one who rules."