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KS1 Nativity - 'Its a baby'

Grace,"I felt nervous but when I got on the stage I felt a little bit more confident and excited because everyone was clapping and cheering.  I felt proud. I was a King. I had a lovely costume.  I had to walk around the whole audience.  It was very cool!

My favourite part of the Christmas play is 'Hallelujah!'"

Sophie, " I was nervous and scared because people were watching me.  I felt nervous before the play.  I had a tummy ache all day long.  When I was on the stage I felt happy and I felt beautiful because I was one of the angels!"

Ellie-Mae, " I was worried that I was going to mess up.  I was nervous because everyone was looking at me.  I was a little bit excited because I like doing the play.  Our class was brilliant!"

Tommy, " I was excited to see all the parents.  I think that I did really well on my lines.  The play was about Bethlehem.  My favourite part of the play was the 'Wise men three' song.  I couldn't wait to show the parents our play."

I am so proud of the children in KS1. They have all worked extremely hard to learn their lines and to sing together. It was lovely to see their confidence grow as they performed. Tommy was in his element introducing the play and narrating.  Sonny and Jessica had a whale of a time playing Mary and Joseph and our poor overworked Innkeeper, Harrison  was so excited to perform on the stage. Thank you to all parents and carers who helped the children to learn their lines and their songs - we couldn't have done it without you.

Well done everybody - Mrs Rogers and I are so very proud of you!

Mrs Davies