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Our Garden

Our school garden began one bright Saturday morning in February 2010. Parents and staff got stuck in to lifting the turf and preparing the ground for planting.

Since those early days, the garden has been extended and we now also have a polytunnel. This means we can start to grow things sooner and the season will last longer.

The children enjoy their learning in the garden. They get really involved in planting seeds, harvesting the crops and using the tools and equipment to make sure the garden doesn't get overgrown.

The children discuss what they want to grow and past crops have included pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, leeks, carrots, sprouts, cabbages, onions, curly kale, beetroot, chilli peppers, rocket, radishes and raspberries.

Our local co-op have raised £500 by fundraising events and chose our school to benefit. We have built raised beds in our school garden area to make growing more accessible for the children.

The local parish council have very kindly agreed to donate the funds to allow the school to buy equipment for our garden.

We also got a donation of seeds from our local homebase (Drakehouse) in September 2017.

If there are any parents or family members who would like to be involved with our school garden, your help would be appreciated. Feel free to call in and have a chat with the school office. We are always looking for additional gardening gloves, trowels, seeds and compost; if you have any of these to donate please pop them into school.




Our Orchard

Our orchard was planted to celebrate our school centenary in April 2011 and has apple, pear and plum trees in it.