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Our house system

Mrs Gill visited Anston Greenlands to meet with their House Captains to see how the system works in another school. Their house captains met with us at Laughton J & I. We asked the Governing Body for some suggestions for the names of the houses -  they thought about good roles models in the form of paralymipc and olympic athletes, local artists and local rivers. The School Council have also come up with many ideas. The children voted for Animals as their theme - we have opted for mythical animals for our house teams. We are now two years in to our House system and it is working really well. 

Hydra - Blue

Griffin - Yellow

Phoenix - Red

Dragon - Green

Why have Houses?

We feel the children benefit from being members of mixed age school teams. It helps develop opportunities for year groups to work together, encourages children to support each one another, it gives the children a strong sense of responsibility and belonging and provides them with a range of additional activities to take part in.

How many House Teams are there?

There are four houses with balanced numbers of boys and girls and numbers from each year group. Family members are in the same house. assigned every member of staff and all Governors to a house. We have chosen Hydra, Phoenix, Griffin and Dragon as the names of our houses.

When is the house system used?

There is a house point system with a cup awarded every half term. It is also used on Sports Day. There is a meeting of houses every half term, led by one of the teachers and the house captains.

How are the houses managed?

Each house has two house captains, one from Y6 and one from Y5, the Y5 will step up to be the senior house captain when they get to Y6. Children put themselves forward and are elected by the members of their house. Each house has a logo and characteristic. There is a house board in the hall, a house colour and a house cup. A teacher leads each house.

How do children get house points?

House points are awarded for various reasons including achievement, intra house sports competitions and good behaviour throughout the school day. Any member of staff can award house points.

How does a house win the house cup?

House points are recorded in each classroom. The house points are collected each week by the House captains and the current totals read out each week in the following Monday’s whole school assembly. At the end of each half term, points are totalled and the winning house is awarded the cup in our Special Mentions assembly. They will also have an afternoon off timetable and will receive a house treat - this may be watching a film, taking part in a sports activity, baking or another treat decided upon by the House Captains and Senior Leadership team.

Current house points - see the display in the school hall.

Information about working with House Captains from Anston Greenlands

 The Potential House Captains and School Representatives Day with the Anston Greenlands House Captains

Today the potential House Captains met with the Anston Greenlands House Captains to discuss about the houses and responsibilities that come with being a House Captain.

First, Tamsin, Lacey and James met the four House Captains of Anston Greenlands at lunch. Harry is the Captain of House Beech. Gabriel is the Captain of House Oak, Cameron is the Captain of House Ash and Thomas is the Captain of House Rowan. We talked about the qualities we need to have to be a house captain. We also discussed what we need to do as a captain and what tournaments we could arrange. We came in at 1:19 to meet the House Captains of Anston Greenlands in Nursery. All of the Potential House Captains of our school had to make a tag with our name on. We told them our names and something about ourselves. Everyone seemed excited to meet the opposite school’s House Captains. It was quite fun meeting them, everybody enjoyed it and had fun. We asked them about how their house system and what things made it run well we also asked them how the houses changed the school for the better. We tried to think about how to improve the school and what could make OUR school better. We were sorted into groups with one Anston Greenlands House Captain and then we brainstormed about the School Council, the Tournaments that Anston Greenlands create and the Competitions.

After that we separated from our groups with a House Captain and sorted ourselves into groups. Our group was Tamsin Ellmer, Lacey Beaumont, James Rawlings and Katie Ware. So now here we are typing a report on a laptop about our day. We have learned a lot about what it takes to be a House Captain and the responsibilities that come with it. We have also learnt that being a House Captain may have some bad times but it’s all worth it when you get to see what you have done.

 By Tamsin E, Lacey B, James R and Katie W.

Our house captains led their first assembly on Thursday 2nd February 2017. The slides from their powerpoint are included below, please take a look!

The house captains have been to Anston Greenlands on 16th May to work with their house captains (and have lunch!) We saw them refereeing the inter-house football competition they had organised. The house captains at Anston Greenlands were brilliant; talking eloquently about their ideas and giving us support in moving our house teams forward.

We are now in the process of organising a houses week in which all pupils from Reception to Year 6 will be taught in their house teams each morning. Each house will make a 2D and 3D piece of art work as well as a written piece of work. The children will be off timetable every morning to complete these activities whilst still doing English, Maths and PE each afternoon.

We have just received a lovely letter from Mr Wirth, the Headteacher at Anston Greenlands, thanking us for our wonderful attitude when working at his school.

Griffin House


The house captains for Griffin house are Tillie W (Year 6) and Amy (Year 5).

Meet our House Captains

Staff and Governors in Griffin House


  • Mrs Adams
  • Miss Mosley
  • Miss Day
  • Mr Robbins
  • Mrs Conway
  • Mrs Johns
  • Ms Tilley


  • Mr Rogers

Hydra House

Hydra House won the Foundation Stage Sports Day on Wednesday 12th July. Well done Hydra!


The house captains for Hydra house are Lily (Year 6), Charlotte, Keisha and Jessica (Year 5).

Meet our House Captains

Staff and Governors in Hydra House


  • Mrs Wilkinson
  • Mrs Parkes
  • Miss Jackson
  • Mrs Brammer
  • Miss Lawery
  • Mrs Pollard
  • Mrs Atkins


  • Mrs Rogers
  • Mr Wilkinson

Dragon House

Dragon House won the Sports Day at Dinnington High School on Wednesday 5th July. Well done Dragon. They have been awarded our first House Shield.


The house captains for Dragon house are Shayla (Year 6) and Jack and Chloe Y (Year 5).

Meet our House Captains

Staff and Governors in Dragon House


  • Mrs Rogers
  • Miss Lambert
  • Mr Smith
  • Mrs Harrison
  • Mr Parker
  • Mr Kay (when he is working here) 


  • Mr Horsfield
  • Mrs Procter
  • Mrs Ware

Phoenix House


The house captains for Phoenix house are Eva (Year 6) and Lilly and Chloe W (Year 5).

Meet our House Captains

Staff and Governors in Phoenix House


  • Mrs Gill
  • Mrs Rowbotham
  • Mrs Davies
  • Mrs McLaughlin
  • Mrs Bell
  • Mrs Wheatley
  • Miss Richards
  • Miss Owens


  • Mr Lucas
  • Mrs Sadler