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Reception - Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2!

We are very lucky to have a fantastic building and outdoor area for our learning this year. 

Our focus in the Autumn term is settling in and learning new routines. We are also talking about 'ourselves' and how to be healthy. We are making new friendships and learning about different feelings through stories, information books and games. 
Look out in the home/school journal for weekly learning so you can support children at home. 
Our  staff are Mrs Wilkinson (teacher) and Mrs McLaughlin (TA). We do lots of different activities in FS2 including; phonics, developing our singing and music skills, learning how to care for an animal (Shelly our tortoise), developing a love of reading and fine tuning our fine and gross motor skills.

We have lots of different play activities such as role play, small world, painting, drawing, writing, sand, water and outdoor play. We love sharing books in Foundation Stage 2 and have 'Mystery Readers', who come in to read us stories!

Our Autumn 1 topic was 'Funnybones'. We shared the story of Funnybones, dressed up, explored bones and many other exciting activities.

In Autumn 2 we are learning about vehicles and people who help us. 

We are learning about fire fighters and fire engines, police and police cars with a policeman! We are also looking at car garages, trucks and lorries. We will be making our own moving vehicles!

From the beginning of December we are learning about Christmas sharing the Nativity story starting with a trip to Perlethorpe to visit the stable. 


We enjoy our learning in Reception

Our parents came in to try out the school dinners (they were yummy!)

Our mummies, daddies or grandparents were invited to come and try a school dinner. They really enjoyed getting to taste what our meals are like in school. We are really settled at lunchtime. We are using good manners, using our cutlery to cut up our food and we are all trying lots of different foods during the week. 

Exploring... food, books and the role play area!

We have been exploring healthy foods. We tried different foods and made our own fruit kebabs. We even made one for Mrs Gill. She liked the pineapple best!

We have been learning to read simple words and sentences. 

In our role play area we have been dressing as people who help us. We have learned about the important roles of doctors, nurses and paramedics. 

Developing our writing skills