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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. Our teacher is Mr Parker. In the Autumn term we are studying the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We went on a visit to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and are making our own sculptures in class. We have looked at the views of the characters in the Iron Man, working on drama to act out their feelings and writing persuasive texts about whether he should be removed from the viillage.

Over the next half term, the topic for Year 4 is Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor. Within Science we will be learning how electricity works by creating and exploring circuits. This will also feed into our writing as we will be writing explanation text about what we discover. We will be designing and creating our own robots that serve a purpose and we will be writing instruction manuals to accompany them. In Geography we will be exploring our local community and we will be learning about the rich history of Laughton and the surrounding areas.

Sharing our learning journey