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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs Monday-Friday during term time and is run by Mrs McLaughlin, Miss Day, Mrs Pollard and Mr Smith.

Arrival is between 7:45am - 8:30am. Children then go to their classes at 8:45am so they arrive at the same time as all other pupils.

It costs £2.50 a day or is free for children who are Pupil Premium (if you are not sure if your child is Pupil Premium please see the office staff or ask at Breakfast Club).

For breakfast the children get a choice of cereals, toast and a drink.

As well as having breakfast, this is a social time and the children can develop friendships with children across school while choosing from a variety of activities such as games, board games, Nintendo DS games, sewing, construction, computers and drawing.

If your child is attending a specific booster session before school (i.e. Maths with Mrs Gill), your child can attend Breakfast club without payment.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays Mr Smith is also here to play sports and games after breakfast.

This is what some of the children, who attend breakfast club, have said about the sports on offer.

Do you enjoy taking part in Breakfast club sport and why?


 “Like breakfast club sports as I enjoy all sports.”

 “Get to play games. The best game is capture the flag.”

“I like running and being active.”

"Breakfast club is like an extra P.E lesson in a morning. It’s fun.”


What are your favourite sports to do at breakfast club?

 “I like jedi knight dodgeball, capture the flag, tiggie chain and cannon ball. I like that we play lots of different sports.”

“My favourite is Kingball.”

“I like capture the flag, dodgeball the best. They feel like I’m having more fun every time.”

 “I like when we play cannonball as a warm up.”


Do you think it is good for you to take part in sports before school?


“I think it’s healthy as you can run and it helps keep you fit.”

“It helps keep you fit as were moving about.”

“Sometimes it just helps me to wake up a bit. When I’m tired I don’t want to come but I forget how fun it is.”

“Sometimes when you’re really tired you don’t do your best learning. Breakfast club wakes you up as we always want to do P.E instead of learning.”


What would you do to improve our breakfast club sports?


“I’d like to play capture the flag more often and keep my shoes on.”


 “I’d like to go outside and do some orienteering games on the field.”

“Can we do more tag rugby?”

 “I want to play outside on the grass and do more games outside. I think we could have a schedule so that we know in a morning what we are going to play.”

 “I like that idea. Like we have a dinner menu we could have a sports menu. Like having a fish Friday we could have a tag rugby Friday.”

"We could have a tidy up rota as sometimes the same children are picked to go out to the shed.”




After school clubs

At Laughton J&I we offer a range of after school activities which change each term. Some of the clubs are run by members of our school staff and others are run by external staff whom the school buy in to support our children. All clubs currently run from 3.15pm-4.15pm unless specifically stated otherwise. Please see the office for a full list of current clubs.

Below are some photos of the children engaged in cooking club along with the recipes for their delicious Butter Chicken Curry and Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti. It looks delicious!

We now have an After school club which runs until 6pm. For further details please see the school office.