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Parent Voice

As with our pupils, we want our parents and carers to be actively engaged with the school. We send home annual questionnaires (these go out at the Parents' evenings held in the Autumn term); the outcomes of which we use to inform planning for the following year. We hold regular coffee mornings and play and stay sessions so parents and carers can be in school, sharing their knowledge and supporting their children.

We ask for feedback when pupils' school reports are sent home in the Summer Term. These responses are read by the Senior Leadership Team and class teachers so we know how to improve.

Thankyou to parents/carers in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who returned transition questionnaires. The comments were very positive and all comments will help us to refine procedures for transition for next year.

These are some of the positive parent/carer comments we have received from our parent questionnaires.

Information passed on about future dates and activities. Child's knowledge of what he is learning and can explain in detail. Option now to have dinners on that particular day. Encouraging independence by going into school on own.

My child loves coming to school. I am always welcome in school and staff are always available to speak to.

Current changes by Mrs Gill are welcomed and make a positive difference.

Everything; children are doing really well, good communication between staff and myself

Very friendly staff, lovely atmosphere. Support from teachers. Always smiling and welcoming. Activity packs that are sent home for us to do. Being invited into school for activities such as disco dough with the children.

School as a whole is excellent and has a great atmosphere.

My child's standard of achievement. Marking, feedback and productivity in books, extra-curricular ie Young voices, friendliness of staff.

The changes since sept 2016- lunch monitors, e safety, road safety, displays in school.

The effort made by the teaching staff to provide an environment where my child is able to maximise her potential. The fact that academic achievement and personal development are viewed as equally important. The fact that when concerns are raised they are taken seriously and acted upon.

Please see the letter on the News/Communication page about the results of the parent/carer questionnaire.

This is a comment from parents following the residential in June 2017.

To all staff who attended the Y4 Castleton Residential,

Due to work commitments, I was unable to pick Lily up this afternoon so did not have the opportunity to personally thank staff for their time and commitment to making the trip such an enjoyable one for all pupils. I am acutely aware that such visits are only possible because of staff willingness to give up their own time and that, despite the fun at seeing children happy, residentials carry an extremely high level of responsibility. As Lily returned home so happy and well-looked after, I have no doubt that she and the rest of her class were very well cared for and were in the safest of hands. Please pass on our gratitude to all involved.

Katy and Alex McKie.