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School Dinners

School dinners are cooked and served daily by Mrs Thomson and Mrs Gladwin. A variety of meals are on offer, with 3 choices everyday. However, this will increase to 4 choices from April 2019.

The menus are on a 3 week rotation. See the menus below which show what is being served in school this week. If your child has any allergies please do not hesitate to inform the office and we will ensure we meet with you and the catering team to design a slightly amended menu and to write an allergy plan.

The school catering company work closely with us to make sure we are serving food the children like to eat whilst being balanced and healthy. The staff from Education Catering Services come to do food tasting with all of the children in the Autumn term, meet with school council to explore pupil views and hold tasting for parents during parents' evenings throughout the year. The food is delicious, just ask the many staff who have school dinners during the week. We invite all parents of our Reception class to come in and taste our school dinners when their child(ren) start school.

During the school year we will be having; Christmas Dinner, World Book Day special, Easter Special, Picnic theme day.

Menu from November 2018 in the link below.