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The school extension

The school has recently had a new build and extension.

The work was split into a number of key areas, which were;

  • Knocking down and rebuilding the foundation unit (including a Nursery classroom, Reception classroom, cloakrooms, staff/intervention space) and a foundation playground;
  • Extending the current Y2, Y5 and Y4 classrooms;
  • Knocking the current Y1, Y6, Y3 classrooms into 2 classrooms and creating a library/ICT area;
  • New heating;
  • New lighting in the main hall;
  • New filter system in the kitchen;
  • Creating separate offices/PPA room/intervention room in the main entrance to school and installing new doors to ensure  the children's safety;
  • Doors to access the playground from the Y2 and Y3 classrooms


Photos during the build